Lighting is Everything


Natural Lighting

When it comes to photography, lighting is one of the most important elements to consider.  There is lighting for natural outdoor shots and then studio lighting for indoor shots. When you are taking a photograph outside, there are three main things that will affect how the subject appears in a photo – Time of day, weather conditions and the direction of your natural light source as it relates to the camera direction.





Bounced light from a reflector placed close to the subject & below the camera

Even though all natural light comes from the sun, the time of day has a direct impact on how it lights up the subject.  It can be direct light from the midday sun where there are no shadows, it can be diffused light through cloud cover, or it can be bounced light where it is reflecting off of another object. 







Cloud cover provided optimal diffused light.

Sometimes the subject or object you are photographing requires very specific weather conditions in order to get the desired effect from the available light but there is often a tradeoff. This building for example was photographed with full cloud cover which in this case was optimal as the light was diffused and therefore spread evenly across the entire building, avoiding excessive highlights and shadows. The tradeoff though was the rather boring grey sky which we later replaced during post editing. While we were replacing the sky we decided to, “rehabilitate” the grass”. (See the next image below)

Replaced grey sky during post processing

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