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Reportage Photography

Neil has photographed weddings internationally and throughout the Tri-State area. He photographs in two styles, the main one being true storytelling photojournalism. Photojournalism, otherwise known as Reportage style photography captures the transition of time. In this way Neil can be reactive, a quiet observer, the person who reports what he sees and doesn’t try to improve it, arrange it or fictionalize it, but captures the moments, naturally at its best. The second style of course is traditional posed wedding day portraiture..

Award winning wedding photography

There is always a degree of tenderness and a delicate spiritual presence when two people come together for the first time. Capturing these intangible elements in a photo is like tiptoeing into the room of a sleeping baby. These moments are to be handled with finesse or you wake the baby..

Keep it moving

Being in possession of a great sense of humor makes a BIG difference when all your wedding party wants to do is head to the cocktail hour. The bride and groom want great photos to remember their big day and the time will pass smoothly for everyone if your photographer can be spontaneous with his ideas and with his humor. Make people laugh and you don’t need to tell them to smile. “Have Fun”..