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21st Century Digital attends 2017 JBIZ Expo

21st Century Digital will be meeting with the Jewish Business Community at the JBIZ EXPO in June 2017. This EXPO is said to be “the greatest Jewish Business Expo where companies that service the functionality of the business world join together”. Businesses from startups to large corporations across the US are said to promote their businesses at this event.
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The Best Compliment.

21st Century Digital Photography by Neil Anthony

In around 40 seconds or so you will be able to get a tasty bite of what we’ve been photographing in the last 10 years. I first showed this clip during a meeting to 35-40 business men and women. Later I received the best compliment I have ever had. One of the marketing business people asked me, “how do we know you didn’t just buy a bunch of stock images and claimed them to be your own? Well I understood why he would think this as he uses stock photos as part of his business. After a brief moment of thought, I thanked him for questioning my work, as from his perspective my work is good enough to be sold on the stock photography market.

Neil Anthony

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We don’t just do weddings

Neil Anthony of 21st Century Digital & ‘In The Moment Photography’ photographs and films business marketing events and weddings both internationally and throughout the Tri-State area. At a wedding Neil Anthony captures the transition of time, by being reactive, a quiet observer, the person who reports what he sees and doesn’t try to improve it, arrange it or fictionalize it, but captures the moments, naturally at its best. His clearly conveyed creative vision in the business arena always results in sharp authoritative imagery.
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European inspired home

Real Estate Photo shoot for a unique European inspired home, New Jersey.
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