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The Olde Mill Inn, Basking Ridge.

Grain House at the Olde Mill Inn

The Olde Mill Inn, Basking Ridge, New Jersey is fast becoming one of the new favorites for 21st Century Digital Photography. We are photographing an increasing number of weddings at this classic venue, and as of the end of 2012 we already have 6 weddings booked for 2013 at both the hotel facility and the Grain House restaurant, and a few more brides “on the fence” regarding our services here.


It was a number of years ago that we discovered the old world charm of this historic venue when we photographed a 30th wedding anniversary for a family visiting from Sweden, and since then Neil has nurtured a professional relationship with both the management and most importantly to us, the staff. Why the staff you might ask; well they are the people on the ground when it comes to your event and we have found them to be incredibly efficient at solving last minute problems for you as a guest and also 21st Century Digital as an outside vendor. Also the staff actually love their jobs; yes it is true, they have told me this themselves and there were no managers in sight.                   


Upper Level at the Olde Mill Inn

As a result of this partnership we have been commissioned by the management to photograph many of their corporate rooms and facilities, some of which are currently featured on the Olde Mill website. Also we have on several occasions been invited on to participate in bridal shows held at the Inn.

The Olde Mill Inn features great event spaces, such as the Grand Ballroom, unique rooms once visited by our forefathers in the 18th century now converted into bridal suites, a small Library and tended gardens; great for outdoor ceremonies.              



Corporate meetings at The Old Mill Inn

Business events also receive the ‘Old Mill’ classic attention by offering over 16,000 square feet of meeting space in 18 private rooms that can accommodate up to 500 people or as little as five. This place might be old world but the management has integrated technology into the right places which in some cases enhances the old world appeal of the facility; things like allergy-free rooms. The latest large flat screen TV’s are in keeping with the feel of the place and somehow manage not to overwhelm the Inn’s central theme. Even the smooth running elevators somehow retain a less modern charm.

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21st Century Digital Meets the Skurnik Brothers at their 25th Anniversary 2012 Grand Portfolio Tasting

We first met Michael and Herman Skurnik at their offices in Long Island about a year ago where we shot an interview with Curt Dahl from Joseph and Curtis Custom Wine Cellars and the Skurnik Brothers. It was quite an experience being surrounded by crates of full bodied reds and crisp German whites in the home of the largest wine distributors in the U.S. Check in from time-to-time to hear more about this fabulous industry and the celebrities who enjoy wine in their purpose built custom wine cellars.

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Neil meets Frances Mayes, poet, and author of the Number One New York Times Best Seller “Under the Tuscan Sun.”

Mayes delights the audience at the State Theatre with her famous Tuscan Story. You knew right away that there was no danger of Mayes somnolently regurgitating the storyline of her famed book, instead she enchanted the audience with crisp visions of a ‘life sized’ canvas oil painting crafted with little known facts about the Tuscan culture in which she has become immersed.
Her stories were so down-to-earth you were left wondering, “Why did God choose for me to live among the oil refineries of New Jersey instead of making Olive Oil under the Tuscan Sun? It’s hard not to think of God when listening to Mayes describes what seemed like heaven. The people, the food and the wine all existing in what seemed like self replenishing harmony. According to Mayes everyone pretty much grows and cooks their own food and shares the fruits of their labor with neighbors, friends and in many cases uninvited friends of your guests. In Italy there simply isn’t anything wrong with bringing a couple of extra friends along for a meal even if your host wasn’t informed. You just find a couple of extra chairs and boil more pasta. Mayes and her husband have become avid cooks and have written several books on the subject. Interestingly Mayes actually trained in French Cuisine, but found herself veering towards Italian cooking as she preferred the unique flavors that can be created with just two or three homegrown ingredients picked from her own garden moments before they hit the chopping board.

Neil Anthony & Frances Mayes

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