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21st Century Digital attends 2017 JBIZ Expo

21st Century Digital will be meeting with the Jewish Business Community at the JBIZ EXPO in June 2017. This EXPO is said to be “the greatest Jewish Business Expo where companies that service the functionality of the business world join together”. Businesses from startups to large corporations across the US are said to promote their businesses at this event.
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When to Call in the Professionals


In The Moment Wedding & Event Photography 21st Century Digital Commercial & Event Photography

Smartphone shooter
(21st Century Digital Commercial & Event Photography)

Technology is a wonderful thing and it has changed how we do things in so many ways, as well as changed how we view the world. Now, nearly everyone has a ‘smart’ phone with the capability to snap a picture at any time, to capture everyday memories as they happen.

However, when you need photography for business reasons, it is time to bring in the professionals. Whether it’s a head shot, a group shot or photos for a special event, a professional photographer can make all the difference on three different levels.



Placement and arrangement of people.   A professional photographer knows how to arrange people and frame the shot for the best result.  







Lighting and setup. A professional has proper studio lighting to create the right mood paired with the appropriate background and access to convincing models and actors to get results that clearly convey the message the client is looking for.  

Candid journalistic photo shat at an event

Candid journalistic photo shot at an event


Candid Shots. The professional photographer uses cameras that have the capabilities to zoom in, get a wide angle shots and stay steady to get the best possible candid shot at a major event. This 100% candid journalistic shot could easily be used in a marketing campaign.




So, if you need a few ‘happy snaps’ for the company bulletin board, by all means use the camera on your ‘smart’ phone. If you need quality shots for business and promotional purposes, by all means call a professional!

Neil Anthony

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