We don’t just take pictures. We make them!

Energetic, bold, edgy, and thought provoking all describe the work produced by 21st Century Digital. Neil Anthony, founder of the New Jersey based company, seamlessly mixes elements of technology and fashion to produce photographs with artistic flair and personal insight. His passion equals his ability to give his diverse clientele photos that are effective, captivating, and of course, beautiful.


At 21st Century Digital, technology meets art. Neil unashamedly uses confidence gleaned from his previous successful career in engineering to master complex features found deep inside the menu options of today’s high tech cameras. Add this to his disarming personality and his creative use of light and he will produce work that compliments both his human and inanimate photographic subjects. On occasion, the results are pleasantly unpredictable. From houses and wine cellars to salons and special events, he and his team can bring any image into the 21st century making it attractive to the modern viewer.


As a result of his talent and exceptional customer service, Neil is in high demand. To meet his expanding customer base he has formed a team of experienced, successful associate photographers to make sure clients will continue to receive the top-notch attention they deserve.

Let’s go to work and have fun..