‘ITM Photos’ & Nyght Vizion

21st Century Digital’s Wedding & Events subsidiary, ‘ITM Photos’ teams up with Nyght Vizion Entertainment to save the day.

The recent demise of a well know wedding and corporate entertainment company have left countless brides without Photography, DJ and Videography services. Our sister company, In The Moment Wedding & Event Photography, www.itmPhotos.com, and NYGHT VIZION entertainment have grabbed the baton and are making these events happen uninterrupted; many of the services are financed out of our own pockets as the previous company ran off with all the deposits. When asked, Neil Anthony from ITM Photos said, “It’s not always about the money. These young men and women are planning one of the most important days of their lives. Let’s just be honest; the euphoria of the wedding will soon be replaced by the reality and challenges of marriage. It gives us the ‘warm and fuzzies’ to help enable them to enjoy the culmination of all that hard work that went into planning their wedding day even if it only lasts for eight hours. I have great memories of my wedding day, so why shouldn’t everyone else?”
Photograph: NYGHTVIZION DJ’s by ITM Photos.

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