21st Century Digital chats with former gymnast, actress and Tony Award nominee, Cathy Rigby

The making of Cathy Rigby‘s, Olympic story and the resulting after effects of her fame are well documented on the internet, so no need to rehash it here in a short blog. I will tell you this though after chatting with her for a only a few moments at the State Theatre, Rigby has after all these years managed to retain an enviable childlike spirit which she allowed us to witness during an impromptu cell phone conversation with the children of one of the guests that came to hear her speak at the 2012 Smart Talk series.

Donning the voice of her latest iteration of Peter Pan, you were soon able to discern from the poorly reproduced, over-amplified squeals emitted from a typically imprecise Smartphone loudspeaker, that Cathy engendered great delight into the hearts of two young children who were getting ready for bed moments before her call; even her British accent was quite convincing. Interestingly, Rigby seemed at home with the Peter Pan character and has in fact played the role many times over the decades. One might be forgiven for concluding that she finally found what she was looking for after giving of herself so completely during her former years as an Olympic athlete.


Neil Anthony & Cathy Rigby

Wow I never realized I was quite so tall.

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